Events are just that, something someplace with someone that creates a memory.


The digital age has brought such immense changes in the way we do marketing today that it’s a sheer “marketing seppuku” not to include digital marketing as one of the top priorities in your marketing plan. However, some marketers get so obsessed with it, that they tend to neglect one of the evergreen strategies in marketing- event marketing. They can’t be more wrong though. Event marketing is like the little black dress in fashion: it could never become inadequate or old-fashioned, no matter the new trends. And here is why?

  • The Opportunity To Create An Experience

Think of a sweet, unforgettable moment in your life. I’m sure it is a kind of real-world experience: a bungee jumping, a crazy road trip with friends, lying on a sandy beach with a cocktail in your hand (ok, I’ve wandered off a little bit daydreaming…). Event marketing plays exactly the same role for…

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